Book of the Beast (A wwffy Quiz)

Book of the Beast (A wwffy Quiz)

by: I_Am_Kitty_Boo

/It's crappy, I know, but its my first/

  1. 1

    Anyways ur at school. U see a blonde sitting by himself. He has a bruise on his cheek and a scar on his left arm. Your friend was talking about gingers strealing souls. U continue watching the blonde

  2. 2

    U laugh as ur friend, Nathan, starts arguing with ur other friend, May, over blondes. U smile but then look over to the blonde. Some guys from the football teams were surrounding him and he looked a

  3. 3

    Whatever ur excuse was he bought it. U ran to where the guy was. He was pressed against the wall and the quarterback snarled at him. "Listen nerd. No one cares bout you, I could make u disaper and no

  4. 4

    "Leave him alone!" You say coming out of the shadows. The football player looked at u and let the blonde drop. He walked over to u, his eyes filled with anger and rage. He snorted, "U want to take his

  5. 5

    U try to struggle out of his grip. He has u against the wall and has the hand that was on ur cheeks on ur neck. He lifts his hand to punch u. Before he has the chance he falls forward passed out.

  6. 6

    U were to shocked to move. He sighed and picked u up. "Sorry for this," He said carrying u briddal style. He threw u high in the air and far forward

  7. 7

    A guy with pretty blue eyes and golden demon wings catches u as ur bout to fall, "U must be tired miss," He said and flew u up

  8. 8


  9. 9

    A few minutes later... "Are u okay?" A voice asked. U opened ur eyes. U saw that boy with the blue eyes but the wings were gone, "My name is deo," He said. (Picture of the room in the first link)

  10. 10

    More guys came in. "Ugh, this room is so girly," A cute guy with dark brown eyes said. The guy with the cap just smiled at u. The blonde came in after. Then a guy that looked emo. Then the last one

  11. 11

    U smile to open ur mouth but then u hear the screams of a thousands dying kids, the laugh of a witch, and u get chills u never felt before. There thuds as footsteps coming closer, and closer to ur

  12. 12

    And I'm bored, comment, rate. And at the first two pages of my photo album I have pictures of rooms, pick ur favorite bedrooms and copy and paste them commenting them on this quiz, Pleeeeeeeeze.

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