Silver Thorns (a wwyff quiz) Part 2

Silver Thorns (a wwyff quiz) Part 2

by: Revenant_Bane

Okay People, you can thank unicorn_puke_xD, snoutypouty, and loverofthevamp
for this continuation! They're my favorite quiztakers now!
Anyways, as I forgot to mention, you look however you want, and all the guys in this are supernatural creatures. Leone, hit me if i've forgotten anything. (Leone: hits) Owwowow, not that hard, i'm fragile be careful with me. what'd i miss? (Leone: "nothing, i just wanted to hit you") ya, cuz you're just a jerk!

  1. 1

    RECAP: Unless I'm horribly lost in time, you ran from Leone, straight into a guy you nicknamed, "death glare". he didn't talk much, but when he did, his voice really got to you. He tried to protect

  2. 2

    For awhile, you sat huddled in the corner of the dungeon where Leone had left Death Glare. Your thoughts are racing around in your mind, throwing you into turmoil. What had come over Leone? And why

  3. 3

    You grab a washcloth, soak it in water, and start wiping the blood off of Death Glare's sword. You take the time to admire the pattern carved onto the hilt, and the blazing blue runes running down the

  4. 4

    You wipe the last of the blood off of the blade, and return it to it's sheath, making sure to put it out of Death Glare's reach. You ring out the washcloth and try to find where the blood is the worst

  5. 5

    You gently wash away the blood, and as you disinfect and wrap all his wounds, including the slash in his arm, you notice that Death Glare has a long, deep scar running across his pale chest.

  6. 6

    You lean in for a closer look at the scar. As you do so, Death Glare's eyelids flutter. You hastily pull back, afraid he can feel your breath on his skin. You shake off the feeling, and trace the scar

  7. 7

    Leone punches you in the gut, cutting your scream short. His fingers closed around your frail neck. "All i have to do is apply pressure. Don't scream or I WILL do it." Your heart speeds up as his

  8. 8

    Whatever you said, Death Glare stiffens, and shifts slightly. you can tell that he is examining his wounds. He removed his hands from your neck, swallowing hard as he saw tears streaming down your

  9. 9

    You shove the sword against Lloyd's chest, striking his wound. "Take your sword!" you snap. Lloyd winces, but takes the sword. His hand accidently brushes against yours, electricity

  10. 10

    "Is your name Kai?" Lloyd asks quietly, his back turned to you as he finally thinks to button up his freshly washed shirt. "Yes....." you watch him warily.

  11. 11

    Lloyd nods and looks at you with sorrowful eyes. "I just want you to know I really am sorry. Hit me." he said. "What?" your eyes widen. "I said hit me. i deserve it." lloyd replied patiently.

  12. 12

    All of your anger builds up inside you, and before you know it, you've punched Lloyd as hard as you could. He takes it without a word. Lloyd rubbed his bruised jaw, saying, "Were you that angry?"

  13. 13

    You couldn't take it anymore. You threw yourself into Lloyd's arms, and sobbed hysterically, all your emotions pent-up for years flooded out, soaking Lloyd's shirt. "Hey, hey, My shirt has already

  14. 14

    All of a sudden, a pair of hands ripped you away from Lloyd. A foot flashes out, and kicks Lloyd in the face- hard. You cry out with shock as Lloyd falls, the chains obscuring his movement. You could

  15. 15

    Sorry about the cliffhanger, but I have to make you guys want to keep reading! Plz comment and rate, if you want the next quiz! Plz, plz, plz!

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