WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 12

WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 12

by: Sweet_Sacrific

heyy!! soo sorry i havent been updating ill start doing it more regularly now that SCHOOL I OVAAAA!!! lol so ill probably update once or twice a week if you have any idead on what to put in the story or any comments just tell me ill accept anything :) ok soooo RECAP!: you went shopping with Xavier buying some clothes you really liked. when you got home Jacob asked you to sing since you have an amazing voice.you sing with James playing guitar. they thought you were amazing and you go to sleep :)

  1. 1

    Dream Mode

  2. 2

    you look up opening your closed eyes to see a beatuiful field with flowers. you smile standing up and start to walk around feeling like a little kid again.the field seemed to go on forever.

  3. 3

    the flowers were bright in color they were truly beautiful.you bend down picking one up to smell it, you smiled when you started to hear something. it soundied like running water. you became curious

  4. 4

    the sound of the water became stronger making you walking faster. soon a small pond came to veiw with the flower you picked surronded the edges. you smiled jogging towards the water, and stepping in

  5. 5

    the water danced around you as you began to hum. thats when you heard someone humming with you.you could tell it was a girl by the high pitch. you turned around to confirm your thoughts.

  6. 6

    "hello" she said with a smile. "hi" you say looking her over. she had long blue hair and green eyes. she wore a flowing long white skirt and a matching cut off shirt with red accents

  7. 7

    she held a sword in her left hand that looked to be home made.you had to admit she was beautiful. you hear her giggle making you give her a confused look. "who are you" you ask her "right now that is

  8. 8

    she smiled looking into your eyes, you couldnt help but smile back.you began to notice that she smiled just like you, she even had some of your features. "im so sorry _. " she said inerrupting your

  9. 9

    'how does she know my name? and why does she look like me?' you thought. "i know you know nothing about who you really are, but trust yourself.things will come to you more easily."

  10. 10

    "when the time is right you will remember" she says taking your hands in hers. "remember what? i dont understand" you say "i must go now. trust your insincts" she says turning around to leave.

  11. 11

    your vision start to become blurry as you watch her leave "wait! who are you" you yell. she turns around and smiles "my beautiful daughter...wake up" she says in a loud whisper. you watch as

  12. 12

    end dream you slowly open your eyes and sit up in your bed. you sigh thinking about the dream 'did she i was her daughter' you think you get up walking to the bathroom to get changed.

  13. 13

    you shower and blah blah usual routine! you start to get dressed what do you wear?

  14. 14

    seeing how the boys didnt wake you up this time, you decided to walk to the kitchen yourself. you open your door walking towards the staaors when you see James leaving his room still in his pajamas.

  15. 15

    "hey there vampy" you say playfully pushing him. he laughs and walks down the stairs with you. "is anyone else up" you ask "um no just us so far. wanna help me make breakfast?" "yeah sure!"

  16. 16

    you and James start making your choice homemade, the kitchen smelled delicous! you placed the food on 4 plates placing them on the table. you hear 2 doors close and fast paced footsteps. you smile

  17. 17

    you look up the staircase and see Xavier and Jacob running down them each trying to beat the other to the bottom. you watch as Jacob trips Xavier causing him to fall down the last few steps right in

  18. 18

    you couldnt help but laugh and saw Jacob looking proud "ha ha ha very funny" Xavier said sarcasticly while getting up "its a little funny" you manage saying through a laugh.he smiles at you and takes

  19. 19

    "it smells amazing! who made breakfast?" Jacob said while taking a seat across from Xavier. "James and i did" you said taking a seat next to Jacob"well _ did most of the work i just helped a little"

  20. 20

    you blush looking down at your feet "well it smells and looks delicous __ " Jacob says smiling at you. "thanks" you all eat and blah blah blah eating part is boring so FF>>

  21. 21

    you all finsihed eating and Xavier offered to do the dishes. "well that just leaves you two today" James says geting up from his seat "huh? what are you talking about?" you ask

  22. 22

    "well Xavier will be doing the dishes for a while since there are a lot, and i need to finish some...um.. work that may take all day. soo that leaves you two to hang out...i guess" James says while

  23. 23

    you looked over at Jacob and saw him smiling, you laughed turning back to James but he already left. you couldnt help but think about what he has been 'working' on when Jacob interrupted your thoughts

  24. 24

    "im going to go get dressed ill be back in a few. but while im gone you can think about what you wanna do" he said with a smile. you smile back and nod your head. he runs up the stairs leaving you

  25. 25

    you walk to the living room turning on the TV and start to channel surf, when you land on a movie. it was a mystery movie and you were well into it. by half the movie you already figured out who might

  26. 26

    you hear footsteps coming down the stair but you ignore them, your too into the movie to care. you feel someone sit down just as the mystery was solved in the movie "AHA! i knew it!" you say popping

  27. 27

    you hear somoeone laugh and you spin around towards the noise.you saw Jacob laughing on the couch at your reaction to the movie. you laughed and playfully punched him. "ha phew im sorry that was

  28. 28

    you laugh and answer "yeah i did! remember when you asked me to go to the lake with you ut i couldnt beacuse Xavier went to take me shopping?" you say. Jacob smiles a little looking down to hide a

  29. 29

    "well i want to go, today" you say smilng at him. he looks up at you flashing you an amazing smile. "ok lets go!' he says taking you hand and leading you out the fromt door...tbc!

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