Are you right for your crush? GIRLS ONLY!

by: Ktoland

This is a test to see if your crush loves you, likes you, wants to be just friends, or thinks your a bit creepy, or a stalker.

  1. 1

    You guys walk past each other, he

  2. 2

    At lunch he sits in back of you in another table, he

  3. 3

    Your teacher picks partners and you and your crush get put together, he

  4. 4

    He walks over to you, he

  5. 5

    You guys were put in this box, and nobody could go out unless the two kissed, he

  6. 6

    He was picking a basketball team. He had a broken leg girl and you, he chose

  7. 7

    You were crying on the sidewalk, he notices, he

  8. 8

    You were running a relay and you fell, he

  9. 9

    You were playing Row sham bow! He

  10. 10

    He asks you if you like him, he

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