Does She like You?????

by: tillie7777

Find out right here if the girl your crushing on, likes you back!! i'm a girl, so i know what girls do to show that they like you!! lol

  1. 1

    does she stare at you sometimes?

  2. 2

    does she play with her hair when around you or talking to you?

  3. 3

    is she nervous when with you?? (us girls don't mean to be nervous... we just are cuz we are unsure of how things are going to turn out!!)

  4. 4

    does she have your number??

  5. 5

    if she does have your number, does she text/call you??

  6. 6

    has she ever put little heart symbols (<3) while saying goodbye or hello when texting?

  7. 7

    Has she ever hugged you?

  8. 8

    has she ever asked you about what your weekend plans are?

  9. 9

    does she seem to always be around where you are?

  10. 10

    (alot of girls don't know that most guys would rather have respect more than love... we don't know that when we jokingly insult you, that we're actually hurting you!!) do you think she respects you??

  11. 11

    does she talk to you alot?

  12. 12

    does she flirt?

  13. 13

    last question!! do you think she likes you?

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