WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 7

WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 7

by: Sweet_Sacrific

thanks to everyone who comments and messages me! still need more of those questions for the Q&A so send more in!! shout out to Devilish_girl for all the comments! best ever lol she even gets a special part in the quiz :) you should check out her wwyff quizz too theyre really good! RECAP: you went on a tour of the house with James and he made the first move. yep he kissed you at the lake! lol you finish the tour and go to your room waiting for dinner when Jacob asks to take you out! you say yes!

  1. 1

    read the memo! read THE memo! READ THE MEMO!! :)

  2. 2

    you relax on your bed waiting for Jacob to come back to get you for dinner.you feel your eyes getting heavy and start to close. no matter how hard you try to fight it your fall asleep

  3. 3

    Dream your walking around the lake James showed you except you are by yourself. youstart to hum to yourself enjoying the veiw.it was evening and the moon and stars looked perfect on the crystal lake

  4. 4

    u felt almost in tune with the land. you smile and sit down taking off your shoes and putting your feet in the water.u let the cold water embrace your skin when you start to sing Lithium by Evanscence

  5. 5

    you see something run by out of the corner of your eye. you look over and see nothing there you shrug it off and continue singing.your hear someone laugh and you turn around to the sound still singing

  6. 6

    you start to get a little paranoid (Sp?) but look back at the water. you smile forgetting about the noises and finish the song. "you have a beautiful voice" you hear someone say behind you

  7. 7

    you turn around and see a girl with light brown hair and blue eyes. she was wearing a beautiful white flowing dress the blowed in the wind."i wish i could sing like that" she said

  8. 8

    you stare at her. she laughs taking your hand and pulling you up. "come on i want to show you something" she says you leave the water picking up your shoes and follow her. you both laugh and and run

  9. 9

    you end up in a huge field. you both sit down and look at the sky. "my brother really likes you ya know" she says "what? whos your brother?" you ask she smiles at you

  10. 10

    you start to faintly hear your name being called. you look around you than back at the girl to see that shes gone. you start to hear your name louder and you open your eyes Dream over

  11. 11

    you open your eyes and see Jacob smiling at you. "hey sleppyhead" he says making you laugh "hey you dinner ready?" "yeah it is and it smells good so come on" he says taking your hand and walking you

  12. 12

    you walk in and see the table covered in food! you gasp and walk closer to the table. "hey wheres James?' you ask Jacob. "oh he had to go hunt. he'll be back later tonight" you nod

  13. 13

    "Xavier! dinners ready!" Jacob yells. a few seconds later you see Xavier walking down the stairs yawning. he smirks at you and you smile when you hear the doorbell ring

  14. 14

    all of you look to the door "ill get it" Xavier says walking over to the door. you and Jacob walk closer to the door to see who it is "hi im looking for- gasp Xavier!" you hear a girl say

  15. 15

    she sounded familiar to you but you couldnt match her voice with a face. the girl walks in a little closer so she is visable to you. you look at her and gasp lightly. you shake your head and Jacob

  16. 16

    you stare at her, the girl from your dream. "who are you" Xavier finally asks giving the girl a confused look "oh im sorry, my name is Cristiana but call Cristi."the girl said "ok so why are you here"

  17. 17

    she looks at Xavier with a serious look on her face and Xavier looks back confused. you and Jacob stare at them in suspense. Cristi sighs deeply "im your sister Xavier" TBC

  18. 18

    ok hope you liked it! comment and message for more!!! :)

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