WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 6

WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 6

by: Sweet_Sacrific

OMG guys thanks so much for the comments and messages mean a lot to! they keep me writting and put a smile on my face :)...RECAp:ok so you found out that the scream came from Brenna Xaviers gf (sorry for those who think its unfair lol) they hang out and u eat your lunch or whatever with James.u help clean the dishes having a water fight in the process. James offered to take u on a tour and u said yes!... sorry i havent updated too been busy with a lot of stuff but i made it up by making it long!

  1. 1

    you walk to the bathroom in ur room taking off your wet clothes leaving them on the floor.you start the water and hop in the shower hoping that your clothes will be some what dry

  2. 2

    since u werent dirty u quickly go through ur daily routine(whatever it is) u stop the water stepping out of the tub.u just miss stepping on ur clothes which we now dry when u see something on the sink

  3. 3

    u take a step closer and notice that its a nice outfit folded with a note on top of it. 'here are some clothes u can wear since urs are wet signed James" the note said 'aww thats nice of him' u think

  4. 4

    ok what did the outfit look like??

  5. 5

    you smile holding up th outfit to your body.you start to wonder whose clothes they were but forgot about it slipping the clothes on.u walk over to the full mirror yo see that the clothes fit perfectly

  6. 6

    you chuckle lightly to yourself and finish your hair and make up.you walk out of the bathroom walking over to your bed. you lay on the bed waiting for James to come for the tour

  7. 7

    you begin to close your eyes when you hear a light tapping on your window. you ignore it until it started getting louder.you sigh and get up walking towards the window.you see a small pebble hit the

  8. 8

    he smiles looking up at you. you smile back and he motions you to come outside,you nod turning around to leave. you walk out the room running right into Xavier

  9. 9

    "oh im sorry Xavier didnt see you there"you say looking up at him noticing that he has no shirt on. he lightly chuckles"its fine __. you look nice"he said with a sute smirk"uhh thanks"you say

  10. 10

    "where are you going" he says "oh well im going outside to meet James hes supposed to take me on a tour but i dont really know how to get outside" you admit to him. his smirk/smile fades and he sighs

  11. 11

    "ill tak you" he says"ok thanks" "no problem" he takes your hand leading you towards the stairs.he lets go of your hand leading you down the stairs by touching the small of your back

  12. 12

    you walk to the front door in silence when Xavier walks infront of you opening up the door you smile and walk through with Xavier behind.you see James leaning on a near by tree and smile waving to him

  13. 13

    he waves back at you and you start walking towards him when you see Xavier out of the corner of your eye. he walks past you towards James looking slightly angry. you stop walking and watch as he talks

  14. 14

    Xavier's POV:i walked past _ to talk to James. i wanted to talk to him before she could get there."hey Xavier whats up" James said "Why didnt you come get _ for the tour instead of waiting out here"

  15. 15

    "you know she doesnt know the house she wouldve gotten lost just looking for you,than we would have a problem" i said.i had to admit i was kinda angry, i dont like to be though i just cant help myslef

  16. 16

    "sorry man i figured she would know her way out at least" james said i sighed "no its fine sorry about that man. i ran into her anyways so everything is ok" James smiled and i turned around to leave

  17. 17

    i see __ walking towards me and i smile "hey red!" i hear James say. i chuckle turning around to look at him. red had been his nickname for me since i was little"put a shirt on"

  18. 18

    i smile and turn around.__ walks past me and i wink at her she blushes and smiles at me "thanks for ahowing me out here...red" she says with a smile i laugh at her comment "haha no proble cutie"

  19. 19

    Normal POV: "hey __" "hey james" "sorry i didnt get you before i thought you knew how to get outside"he said awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck making you laugh "its fine James i got help"

  20. 20

    "so i thought we could start outside than work our way inside" James says "ok sounds good" he smiles and you two start walking. he shows you the perimeter of the house which was beautiful

  21. 21

    he takes you to a lake that the guys go to on the weekends and you guys sit down. the bright grass made the blue crystal water look beautiful you stared at it in awe.you look over and see James

  22. 22

    you smile and look into his eyes. his icy blue eyes seemed to draw you in. he slowly started to lean in never losing eye contact with you

  23. 23

    hes a few inches away from your face whenyou start to lean in too. his soft lips meet yours.the kiss was soft amd sweet yet passionate, when he suddenly pulled away. "i-im sorry __" he says

  24. 24

    "no its fine James i liked it"u said smiling, James looks up at u and smiles slightly blushing "we um we should get back to the tour i still have to show u the inside"u nod standing up with his help

  25. 25

    you walk into the house and he shows you around. you find out that the house is 2 story's high and has a gym, a library, an indoor pool and game room and a lot more. 'how can they afford this' u think

  26. 26

    "hey James whose clothes am i wearing?" "oh those are my sister's when she was last here she left few clothes behind and never came back for them" you nod as you guys started walking upstairs

  27. 27

    you walk towards your room when James comes to a stop in the middle of the hallway."ok so all of our rooms are up stair in this hall. i know its a long hall" he says smiling"you already know your room

  28. 28

    "my room is to the left of you and Jacobs room is to the right. Xaviers room is right across the hall of my room so if you need any of us just go in" he says."do you want t o see my room" he says

  29. 29

    he smiles and walks to his room taknig your hand. he opens the door and you see a typical teen boys room. he had blue walls with black and whits accents. the bed was low to the ground and he had books

  30. 30

    "i know theres not much to it but yeah this is all mine" he said sitting on his bed."i like it its nice, simple" "thanks"he says with a smile"i-im going to go to my room im kinda tired from the tour

  31. 31

    "ok im going to start dinner ill have Jacob get you whenits ready" he said while you walked out the door "ok thanks for the tour!" "No problem" u walk back to your room and sit on your bed laying down

  32. 32

    as soon as you get comfortable you hear a knock on your door."come in" you yell you see Jacob walk through the door and you smile "hey you" you say, he smiles "heyy" he walks over and sits next to you

  33. 33

    "how was the tour" he assks "oh it was good. it was tiring though this is one big house" Jacob laughs "yeah it is youll get used to it dont worry. did James show you the lake?" "yeah he did its really

  34. 34

    "yeah it is i love it there. do you want to go over there sometime with me" he says quietly you look up at him and smile "yeah i would love to Jacob can we go tomorrow" "yeah tomorrow would be great"

  35. 35

    "we can go a little after breakfast if youd like" he says "yeah sound good. cant wait!" Jacob smiles standing up and walking to the door. "ill come get you for dinner" "Ok see you than" he smiles and

  36. 36

    End!! i know super long i just couldnt end it!! well i decided to do the Q&A so send in any questions you have by message or comment!! Luv you all thanks 4 reading!!

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