WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 5

WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 5

by: Sweet_Sacrific

ok soo it seems like we have a tie between James and Xavier...personally i like Xavier lol but wow really barley anyone likes Jacob! hes nice and sweet but oh well lol. Thanks for all the comments and messages means a lot guys keep the coming!! :) RECAP: you got lost trying to find your way to the kitchen when Xavier finds you. he takes walks you to the kitchen and you ask about how they met. he willing tells you his sad past when you hear a scream from downstairs....ok ready..set..LOVE! lol

  1. 1

    recap in memo like always :)

  2. 2

    you run with Xavier down a final hall when you reach the staircase.you hurry down the stairs trying your best not to trip.Xavier pulls you along so you can move faster

  3. 3

    you all finally reach the bottom of the staircase, Xavier lets go of your hand and starts to walk a little slower.he touches the small of your back leading you to the kitchen gently and carefully.

  4. 4

    "whats happening"u ask "shh...i dont know whats happenig"u and him walk into the kitchen to see no one there.u look at Xavier confused,he doesnt look back instead he scans the room with no emotion

  5. 5

    you hear a light voice, it sounded like a girl but it was too soft for you to tell"come on" Xavier said taking your hand and leading you to what seemed like the living room

  6. 6

    "whats going on here" Xavier says when you all enter the room.there were 3 bodies that stood infront of you one of course was James and the other was Jacob, but the other figure was a woman you didnt

  7. 7

    recognize. all three of them turned around at the sound of Xaviers voice.you saw that girl had long blonde hair and ocean blue eys.she was wearing a ruffeled red dress that fit her perfectly

  8. 8

    'wow shes pretty' you thought to yourself. the girl smile faded when she saw you and Xavier, she looked down at your hands and Xavier quickly realeses his grip from yours and smiled at the girl

  9. 9

    the girl smiled again and ran up to Xavier "hey you!'she said giving him a hug.she started to kiss him not caring you all were in the room. you leave his side and sit on the couch next to Jacob

  10. 10

    "is that Xavier's girlsfriend?' you whisper to Jacob"yeah they've been dating for a few months now.i dont really like her though." he said looking at her in disgust "oh really why not"

  11. 11

    "well she is kinda um out there...ya know what i mean" Jacob says trying to make you understand you laughed knowing exactly what he meant"yeah i getcha"you say looking back at Xavier and his girlfried

  12. 12

    Xavier pulls away from the kiss and looks at you"umm __ this is my um girlfriend Brenna, shes a witch"Xavier says you smile and nod saying hi to her. "hi. are you human?" Brenna asks you"yeah the guys

  13. 13

    "sorry i didnt tell you i was coming i just wanted to surprise you" Brenna says smiling up at Xavier"its ok babe i was deff surprised"Xavier says with a fake smile

  14. 14

    "um _ if you are still hungry u can eat ur food still"James says u had just noticed that he was sitting next to u on the couch"oh yeah i almost forgot about that,yeah id love some"u say with a smile

  15. 15

    you walk out of the room with Jacob and head to the kitchen.you sit down at the dining room table."your in luck its still warm" James says with a warm smile you do a little laugh and say thanks

  16. 16

    James sits down next to you watching you eat. "wow that was really good James" you say, he blushes "thanks"

  17. 17

    "so do you want to have a tour of the house since youll be staying here" James says "oh yeah id love one" "great ill give you one later tonight how does that sound" "sounds great thaks James!"

  18. 18

    James smiled taking your plate away and starts to clean some dishes in the sink.you get up from your seat and walk up behind him you blow on his neck and he jumps. you laugh at his reaction and pcik

  19. 19

    "you scared me i thought you left" James says laughing and splashing water in your face. you laugh and splash some in his.you end up having a water fight and get no where with the dishes

  20. 20

    you were having so much fun that you forgot about them.you do a final big splash of water on his face "haha ok ok i give you win" he says through laughs "ha winner!" you say while going around in a

  21. 21

    James laughs giving you a small light push. you go back to the sink and finish the dishes with James. once your finished you turn around and take a look at the kitchen

  22. 22

    there was water and soap everywhere, you look down and see tha you are cover in waer too and so is James "wow we made a mess" you said with a slight chuckle"you grab a dry towel so you could clean it

  23. 23

    "its ok __ ill clean it up, you go get changed and ill come get you for the tour when im done" James says "ok but i dont know how to get back to my room" "ok ill walk you back"

  24. 24

    James dries his hands and takes your hand running out of the kitchen.u giggle and he turns around and smiles. when you past the library you see Xavier and Brenna on the couch watching tv

  25. 25

    like the usual couple.you and James stop running when you reach the stairs.you walk with James in silence back to your room. James opens your door for you"ill come back when im done and your ready"

  26. 26

    "ok" you say with a smile, James smiles back at you and closes the door heading back downstairs to the kitchen....OK thats it!!

  27. 27

    ok so those many James fans got some time with him today and you get a tour with im later lucky you! lol dont worry Jacob fans he will be there. i hope u liked it Comment and Message for anything!!

  28. 28

    PS: was thinking about having a Q&A about the quizzes and the guys so if you think i should do it comment or message me! ill tell you next quiz if i will or not.. sorry this was really long btw!

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