Who would fall for A demon, vampire, neko, werewolf, angel, or an elf P17

Who would fall for A demon, vampire, neko, werewolf, angel, or an elf P17

by: Rawrmonsterr
  1. 1

    So we left off at some part

  2. 2

    "Nathan's gone. We need Dottie to fill in for someone, but who's going to watch over Jaden? Nathan had the powers to take care of Jaden!" Owen freaked out

  3. 3

    "Look I'll take Jaden. You can take Gavin and Dottie can take Zachary." Noah said. "Good luck with Jaden." Owen said and ran downstairs. "I'm confused. You say.

  4. 4

    "Tonights a full moon." Noah began "Thats when Jaden, Zachary, and Gavin crave for blood. We have to trap and watch them. For Jaden and Zach we have to give them blood and thats better than not

  5. 5

    "Ok...so when do I give Zach blood?" You ask. "When he starts talking nonsense and he says he's thirsty." Noah says "Just go to Zach's room. Everything is set up."

  6. 6

    "Dont get too close to Zachary!" Noah shouted from upstairs. You open the door to find Zach chained to a metal wall. His feet werent touching the ground

  7. 7

    "Im sorry for what your about to see." Zach says. "Its not your fault." You say sitting down on his bed. "Maybe Maybe not." Zach replys looking out the window. "Im sorry." he said. and his eyes turned

  8. 8

    "Dottie, Im thirsty." Zach laughs. You take the pack of blood and looked at Zach. "Just open it and pour it in my mouth." he said. You do as he says and pretty much it went like that all night. He

  9. 9

    After a few hours he calmed down. a He suddenly started screeching You covered your ears. He then stopped and you opened your eyes to make sure it did stop. His eyes were no longer red and you started

  10. 10

    "Im sorry you had to see all of that." Zach apologized. "You can unchain me now." "I dont know." You say. "I'll ask Noah." You say and walk upstairs to find him. You open the door and a shadowy figure

  11. 11

    Omg..........cliffhanger...Five stars for the mystery to be revealed...dont forget to comment and dont be afraid to add me XP

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