WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 2

WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 2

by: Sweet_Sacrific

Heyy Alll!! soo shout out to Thelovelyafls!! because i love her comments and she knew who James was!!! but shushhhhh its a secret! lolok so muy importante!!! THIS FIRST PART IS A DREAM! RECAP: you were on your way to your bestfriend Jacob's house when a random guy starts talking to you and than attacks you he even had red eyes!!!. you were saved by a man who also had red eyes and noowwwww you are dead.... jk your passed out :) hehe ok DREAM ACTION!

  1. 1

    Did you read the memo?? if you didnt youll most likely be confused

  2. 2

    You look up and notice that you are at your favorite spot in the world (where ever you want that to be)you turn around abd smile to yourself when you notice youre all alone

  3. 3

    you feel your phone vibrate sacriing you a little.you take out your phone abd look at it but you dont recognize the number.you look at the screen curiously and ignore the mysterious call

  4. 4

    you shrug off the thought of the mysterious caller and start to quietly sing to yourself when you feel your phone vibrate again. you look at the screen again to find the same number you ignored before

  5. 5

    yousigh and answer the phone "hello?" you say, you hear nothing but static on the other line.yousigh irritably into the phone ready to hang up intil you heard a voice "turn around" you hear a man say

  6. 6

    u freeze feeling your heart drop to ur stomach.u slowly turn around scared of what might be there but see no one.u sigh in relief and turn back around to be face to face with Jack (guy from last time)

  7. 7

    you scream in terror dropping your phone.you turn around running as fast as you can with Jack close behind.you look back to check how far back he is when you trip falling on your hands and knees

  8. 8

    you can feel the blood on your knees running down your leg as you try to stand back up.you look up and see Jack standing in fron of you witha devilish grin on his face and piercing red eyes

  9. 9

    you crawl backwards still on the ground whle Jack walks closer to you, his smile getting bigger "What do you want!" you scream. Jack laughs "i want you Amun"he says

  10. 10

    you looked at him confused but that look soon faded away when you knelt down next to you.you tried to stand up, crawl do anything to get further away from him but you couldnt

  11. 11

    he grabs your arms and starts to shake you. you scream in fear when you start to faintly hear someone calling your name. the voice becomes louder and louder the more you are shaked END DREAM

  12. 12

    "____! ___ wak up!please wake up!" you wake up from your dream panting , you were sweating all over and crying. you look up at he person who had been shaking you and see Jacob

  13. 13

    you pull him into a tight hug crying uncontrolably into his warm chest "shh its ok __. everythings ok no ones going to hurt you your safe with me" he said.You stopped crying and looked up at him

  14. 14

    he holds your face in his hands brushing away the tears on your check with his thumb, you smile and look around. your confused when you see that your not in your room or Jacob's

  15. 15

    you had no idea where you were and it scared you. "um Jacob?" you say"hmmm" "where am i?" as if on que 2 other boys walked int the room. you had no idea who they were but one looke vaguly (Sp? familar

  16. 16

    ok imma end it there i have to pack for my trip during spring break! hope you liked it dont forget to comment and message!!!!

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