Introduction to histology

by: IB4VU

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of basic histology fundamentals

  1. 1

    The following are cell junctions, EXCEPT

  2. 2

    Epithelium is named using the following:

  3. 3

    Simple squamous epithelium might suit a tissue to the following function

  4. 4

    The skin consists of the following epithelium (epidermis):

  5. 5

    The trachea is lined by this epithelium

  6. 6

    The inner layer of cells lining a blood vessel is typically:

  7. 7

    Epithelium is typically

  8. 8

    Connective tissue is typically

  9. 9

    Even though the margins of the cytoplasm are difficult to discern, the shape of the cell can often be determined by:

  10. 10

    An example of simple cuboidal epithelium can be found in:

  11. 11

    Goblet cells secrete

  12. 12

    The bladder has this type of epithelium

  13. 13

    The layers of thin skin are:

  14. 14

    You would typically find these structures in compact bone

  15. 15

    Hair follicles are typically associated with these glands

  16. 16

    Connective tissue quite frequently has these cells, EXCEPT

  17. 17

    The following are all fibres associated with connective tissue, EXCEPT

  18. 18

    The following is classed as loose connective tissue

  19. 19

    Cartilage is of these types, EXCEPT

  20. 20

    The fundamental unit making up compact bone is

  21. 21

    Cardiac muscle is

  22. 22

    Skeletal muscle is

  23. 23

    Cells that assist neurones are referred to as

  24. 24

    The following structures can be found in the skin, EXCEPT

  25. 25

    The following regions of the sarcomere are darkest when stained

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