WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 11

WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 11

by: Sweet_Sacrific

its been a while since i posted! soo sorry about that! ill update sooner now but ideas and suggestions are welcome! :) RECAP: soo i just remember that you Xavier is about to take you shopping but take the quiz over again if you dont remember all of it cause i sure dont lol

  1. 1

    "i never thought i would actually be flying, well im not physically but yeah" you said slightly feeling stupid.Xavier chuckles lightly looking back u to see where he was going

  2. 2

    minutes later you see the world coming back to you. you look around to see a huge building streached accros the land 'this is the mall!?' u think

  3. 3

    the mall comes closer and closer into view as Xavier gently glides down to the ground. he stands on the sidewalk walking to the mall entrance"um you can put me down" u say quietly

  4. 4

    he smiles and continues walking to the mall completly ignoring your comment. you sigh and watch as people eye you and Xavier.when he opens the door you gasp at what you see

  5. 5

    You see all typess of different poeple. women with flamming hair, men with horse legs,people who werent even a foot tall and poeple who were as tall as 8 feet tall.'this world is amazing' you think

  6. 6

    Xavier chuckles snapping you out of your gaze. he sets you down next to him taking your hand in his."come on" he says walking through the massive crowd of people "where are we going?" you ask

  7. 7

    "theres a store that i think youd like" he says looking back at you with a cute smile. you smile back excited to see what kind of store it is hoping its like your favorite store __

  8. 8

    and it was! you arrived a a place called Farlosun (far low sun) and smiled when you saw all the clothes you liked.you looked over at Xavier and smiled "thank you" you say giving him a tight hug

  9. 9

    you walk around the store finding many things that you liked and in your size, when you realized you had no money. you sigh walking over to Xavier who was leaning on a clothes rack

  10. 10

    "Xavier" "yes hun" he said with a charming smile making you blush slightly. "i dont have any money how am i going to pay for all of this" "oh dont worry about that its all on me. you can buy whatever"

  11. 11

    you smiled nodding turning back on your heals to go to the dressing room.Xavier follows close behind so he can see all your options.you go out with every piece which he loves when you get to a dress

  12. 12

    "ok last thing! are you ready?" you yell through the dressing room door. "as ready as ill ever be" he replies you step out the room and look at Xavier. you watch as he looks you up and down smiling

  13. 13

    "you look beautiful _" he says looking deep into your eyes. you feel yourself blush when you smile. you try to hide it by looking down "thank you" you say smilng you turn and walk back in the room

  14. 14

    when you step out with your arms are filled with clothes to your face. you hear Xavier laugh and stand up from his seatto help you. he takes all the clothes he can and walks to the cash register.

  15. 15

    you and Xavier set the clothes down and he pays. you two walk out the doorXavier carrying your bagssss! lol when you stopped "i dont really think i need to shop any place else i got enough clothes!"

  16. 16

    he leads you to the exit when he suddenly stops. you give him a confused look "what is it" you ask "well were flying home remember" "oh yeah" "yeah so can you take a bag so i can carry you" he asks

  17. 17

    Xavier smiles at what you said giving you the lightest bag to hold. he picks you up bridal style carefully and start to flap his wings again. you watch in amazement like youve never seen it before

  18. 18

    you fly back in Xaviers arms when you see the house com back in veiw you smiled when you see a light silhouette of someone. you smile as you see Jacob come into veiw

  19. 19

    you come to a soft landing and Xavier sets you down secretly glaring at Jacob. "hey __! have fun?" Jacob says as you walk closer to him "yeah i did! got a lot of new clothes" "that great!" he says

  20. 20

    you walk into the house and head straight for your room to put your clothes away. you forgot that Xavier had some clothes so you turned around to get him but he was already following you.

  21. 21

    you open your door leting Xavier walk in. he sets his clothes on your bed and begins to walk out, but you grab his hand. he turns towards you confused, you smile and give him a kiss on the cheek

  22. 22

    "your welcome" he says with a smile before walkcng out the door. you thought you saw a tiny blush on his face but you werent sure. you shrug it off and begin to put away yoru clothes.

  23. 23

    "__" you hear your name being called "_!" you heard louder now.you walk to your door and open it wondering who could be calling your name. you look down the hall and see Jacob running towards you

  24. 24

    "hey __! can you come downstairs please" Jacob asks you "uh yeah sure Jacob" you say a little unsure. you follow Jacob downstairs and see the Xavier sitting on the couch and James in a chair.you feel?

  25. 25

    "whats up guys" you say "Jacob here was telling us that you have quiet the voice," James says. you shoot a glare at Jacob 'great now they know too' you think "and we wanted to hear it ourselves.

  26. 26

    you look at Jacob and sigh "im sorry __ i forgot you dont like singing in crowds" Jaco says looking down at his feet."no itd fine really. i dont mind ill sing" you say with a kind smile.

  27. 27

    "great!you should sing one of your songs" Jacob says "um ok. oo i have a goo d one but i need a guitar and i dont know how to play." you say "James knows how to play the guitar!" Xavier says smirking

  28. 28

    James looks at Xavier surprised than back at you "can you play with me James,please?" you say in your most sweetest voice. James smiles getting up from his chair "ill be back" he says "yay ok" you say

  29. 29

    James came down shortly holding w beautiful acustic guitar and stands next to you. Jacob moved to an empty seat ready to listen.you whispered in james ear telling hinthe chords and order to play.

  30. 30

    he seemed to remember and understand everything. You turn to the boys a little nervous. "what are you singing"Xavier asked"im going to sing Treasure" you say they nod and you clear your throat ready.

  31. 31

    you start to sing letting the music flow through your body. You sang beautifully hitting every note perfectly. You said the last word with your eyes closed smiling to yourself.

  32. 32

    you open your eyes looking around the room to see their reactions.Jacob and James were smiling and Xavier looked shocked. "wow" Xavier said "wows right" James agreed " I told you she was a beautiful

  33. 33

    "well thank you guys" you say quietly. They smiled to you all saint your welcome at once. "well I'm going to go to sleep it's been a long day. I'll see you guys in the morning" you say "goodnight" t

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