WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 10

WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 10

by: Sweet_Sacrific

OMG PART 10!! im so happy and excitied! lol well enjoy commmetn and message for anythinf happy 4/20 hahah! ;)
oh and i dont feel like putting anythin in th results part since this is so detailed sorry! i promis ill put one up next time!

  1. 1

    you look at Xavier remmebering the phone call he made last night.you blinked wlaking back tot the couch with Jacob close behind. you sigh and continue looking at the TV trying ur best to ignore Xavier

  2. 2

    u hear the door bell ring but u keep ur eyes fixed on the TV.out of the corner of ur eye u see Jacob's head sanp around.u couldnt take it curiosity toook the best of u and u turned to the door

  3. 3

    u look in disgust as u see Brenna pull Xavier into a hug.u rolled ur eyes turning back to the tv but keeping ur ears open."hey" Xavier said plainly "hey babe!so what did you want to talk about"

  4. 4

    'shes so annoying' u thought.u couldnt stand being around her so u stood up walking past Brenna and Xavier.u glanced at Xavier and smiled,he gave u a shy smile back making Brenna turn to you

  5. 5

    all eyes were on u as u walked up the stairs.u walked to James' room slowly in no rush at all. u lightly knock on his door "come in"he yelled through the door.u turned the knob taking a step inside.

  6. 6

    u look around seeing more books on the floor than before."hey James" u say stepping between the books"hey __!uh sorry for all the umm mess.its what ive been working on"he said standing up from his

  7. 7

    you laugh "so whats up cutie" he says. u blush looking at ur feet."um well i was wondering if i can wear so"me of ur sisters clothes again so i dont look all bad when i go shopping"

  8. 8

    James chuckles"yeah of course u can _. be right back" James walked out the room leaving u alone. 'i wonder what he is working on' u think

  9. 9

    u carefully walk over to his desk making sure not to step on any books.when u reach the desk u see paper tossed everywhere.in the center was a large book titled 'I Segreti' u look at the book weird

  10. 10

    to ur dissapointment u couldnt read the language. it seemed to be a mix of languages from spanis, french, italian and some uve never seen before.ur Grandmother thankfully taught u italian so u could

  11. 11

    'she will have great beauty and hidden power' u read outloud.u thought to urself wondering who this person could be when u hear footsteps.

  12. 12

    u quickly walked over to James' bed closing the book sitting down trying ur best to look casual "ok here are ur clothes __" he said walking into the room.u gave him an awkward smile making him

  13. 13

    "thanks James!" u say taking the clothes from his hands and walking out of the room"uh yeah no problem __" you closed his door speed walking to ur room "Fine!" u hear someone yell as u pass the stairs

  14. 14

    u ignore it and continue walking.u walk to ur bathroom starting the hot water for ur shower. u undress and step in letting the hot water relax u.u do ur routine then turn off the water stepping out.

  15. 15

    you dry off puttin the clothes James got you....what do they look like?

  16. 16

    you dry ur hair off and start to style it...how do u wear ur hair?

  17. 17

    u sogh giving urself one last look before leaving the room.u walk out of ur room and see Jacob walking down the hall."Jacob!" u yell runnin after him "hey" he says smiling at u "hey u say stopping to

  18. 18

    "what happened down there" u ask "oh hah well Xavier broke up with Brenna.u shouldve seen her she was pissed!"Jacob said smiling at the thought. u laugh 'so thats what he wanted to do' u thought

  19. 19

    "well that sucks for her. so um listen i still want to go to the lake with u"u say with a sweet smile.Jacob looks up at u blushing "really?' he ask. u nod "yeah of course! so can we go tonight when i

  20. 20

    "yeah of course we can!" you smile"great so ill see u tonight"u say.Jacob smiles and nods.u turn around heading to the staris to meet Xavier.when u reach the bottom of the stairs u see him laying on

  21. 21

    u smile and skip to him singing his name playfully. u plop down on the couch and laugh.u hear him laugh and u look at him "i tak it that ur ready to go" he says between laughs.u smile and nodding ur

  22. 22

    he smiles shaking his head and standing up from the couch, he holds his hand out to u and u take it. he lead u outside when u come to a sudden stop. Xavier faces u looking uu in the eys

  23. 23

    "do u trust me" he asked catching u off gaurd."w-what?" u ask "do u trust me?" "Yes" u say telling the truth. he smiled picking up bridal style.u wrapped ur arms around his neck looking up at him

  24. 24

    "hold on tight" he whispered in your ear.u nod holdin onto him tighter, just than u see black wings come out of his bcak. u gaso in surprise reaching out to touch them.they were soft and velvety(Sp?)

  25. 25

    they seemed to shimmer making u smile.u looked up at Xavier and see him smiling sweetly at you, you smile back resting ur head on his shoulder....TBC!

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