Who will you fall for A demon, vampire, neko, werewolf, angel, or an elf P21

Who will you fall for A demon, vampire, neko, werewolf, angel, or an elf P21

by: Rawrmonsterr
  1. 1

    Before you begin i have something to say I know that some of you guys are annoyed that youre kissing everyone i made this 3 yrs ago and people wanted to kiss a certain bachelor more so to be fair i

  2. 2

    *in this quiz every bachelor has a result so you can try to get the one you want this time XP*So we left off at the part where you tell Noah how you feel and he understands and you went to find

  3. 3

    You run around the whole house looking for Jaden but instead you run into Zach literally "Looking for someone?" he asks "Yes Wheres Jaden?" "He went to the real world for a bit but he'll be back."

  4. 4

    "How come he went there?" You ask "We need things to train you." Zach says. "Why didnt you go?" "You dont want me here?" "Yeah I-Forget it" You say a bit annoyed "Hey i have to show u something." he

  5. 5

    Zach brought you to his room and made you close your eyes You heard footsteps in front of you "Okay open your eyes." Zach says You open your eyes You see a portrait of you "Zach you made this?" you

  6. 6

    You blush "Thank you Zach." You say and kiss him on the lips He blushes "It's nothing really." he says You walk over to the painting "If its nothing really then I wouldnt be impressed and you wouldnt

  7. 7

    You turn around to see that Zachs head was slung down "Zach?" you say He looks up at you His eyes were red and his fangs were longer He then pressed you on the wall in less than a second "Your blood

  8. 8

    "Zach snap out of it" You shout struggling to get away "He cant he's under my control" Somone says You look past zach and see the sorceress lady controling Zach "He can hear every word youre saying

  9. 9

    "Youre are as dumb as you look!" she laughs "Bite her now Zach" She orders He looks at you with pained eyes and takes a step back "Please dont." you say "I cant." he managed to mumble "Kill her now!"

  10. 10

    You ended up in Gavins room He had his back toward you "Gavin that sorceress lady is here and shes controling Zach!" she panic "Dottie get away." he whispers slowly you took a step back Gavin turned

  11. 11

    You were frozen in place and Gavin lunged for you He held you while Zach and the lady appeared "Good Zach hold the door." She orders Zach did just that but he was fighting it "You cant escape You see

  12. 12

    The others started banging on the door and yelling."Ive had enough. Gavin, kill her" she says. You wince waiting to die but Nathan had flew outside and came in through the window. He shoved Gavin and

  13. 13

    Nathan flew holding you close "Can that lady fly?" you ask "No" he replys then Zach appears "but Zach can" Zach had jumped on Nathan causing him to drop you and now you were falling through the air

  14. 14

    Before you hit the ground vines wrapped around you and Owen appeared "That was close" he says The two of you vanish before Zach could get you. You two appeared in the woods "Lets hope-" Owen started

  15. 15

    "Finally youre mine!" he shouts. Noah came and grabbed you slung you onto his back and ran as fast as he could. Gavin was in his full wolf form and was chasing you guys. Noah climbed up the tallest

  16. 16

    Gavin was barking while you guys climbed. "Hes going to find a way up here sooner or later." You say "Yeah i know but I have an idea" He says trying to climb to the top of the tree while you hung on

  17. 17

    "If you choke me theres no way i can hold on" Noah laughs nervously "Sorry" you say Gavin was several yards away from you guys "Ok when i say jump you jump" he says letting you down "Huh" "JUMP" You

  18. 18

    Stopping here. Dont forget to rate and friend me if you want :D. And im sorry if it seems like im taking forever

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