WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 9

WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 9

by: Sweet_Sacrific

i love making this quiz! so much haha love the comments keep them coming! RECAP: Cristi came into the house to eat dinner and explain everything to Xavier and you. Jacob made the first move and kissed you !!! ummmmm oh Cristi moved in and you eased dropped on Xaviers conversation with Brenna saying that he has something important to tell her. and now your sleep! ok ready set WWYFF!!

  1. 1

    you wake up feeling fresh and renewed.you had a good feeling that today was going to be a good day.you smile streaching on your bed.you step out of bed when you hear a knock on the door

  2. 2

    you walk to the door turning the knob to answer the door."oh hey James" you say stepping half way out the door smiling "Hey! i thought you would still be sleep" he said running his fingers through his

  3. 3

    "well anyways breakfast is ready so you can come down when your ready" James said "oh well ill just go down with you now its not like i can change into anything clean" you said laughing

  4. 4

    James laughed and you followed him to the kitchen. when you reached the kitchen you saw Jacob sitting at the table drinking juice. he turned to you and smiled. you blushed and smling back at him

  5. 5

    you take a seat next to Jacob abd James sat next to you. you see something out of the corner of your eye turning your head to the stairs to see Xavier. he starts walking towards you and you notice he

  6. 6

    had his shirt in his hands. you try not to stare at his body but you found it hard. he smirks giving you a wink and began to put his shirt on

  7. 7

    you turned around quickly in your seat turning different shades of red. he oulled the chair out across from you sitting down. "morning everyone" Xavier says "morning" you said still looking down

  8. 8

    you look at the table trying ot decide what to eat... what do you eat??

  9. 9

    you enjoy the food while talking and laughing with all the guys. "hey Xavier do you mind taking _ shopping when we're done so she has stuff she actually wants to wear. i would but i have something

  10. 10

    you looked at Jacob and he smiled mouthing the word 'dont worry about it' you smiled and looked back at Xavier "uh yeah of course i can take her" Xavier said flashing you a cute smile

  11. 11

    "finally i can get some new clothes!" you say everyone laughs and you finish eating. James stands up taking everyones plates away and starts to wash the dishes. Xavier walks away going into the living

  12. 12

    you hear a car pool up in the driveway and look out the window. you see a dark blue chevy malibu "hey giys whose that" you ask Xavier and Jacob stand up trying to see who it is when u hear Xavier gasp

  13. 13

    "thats Brenna Xavier says quielty staring at the window.....TBC!!

  14. 14

    not as long as my usual ones but i felt like making it this length lol wel hope you liked it comment or message for ideas or anything next one out on sunday.. yeah Easter special :) LOVE YOU ALL!! :)

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