WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 8

WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 8

by: Sweet_Sacrific

sorry i didnt update sooner i should be able to since ill be home earlier now! :) i love all the comments and messages the most ive gotten yay! :) keep them coming! RECAP: you fall asleep waiting for jacob to get you for dinner and when you wake up the food is ready. you and Jacob walk to the kitchen to a table filled with food made by james! but he is there, hes hunting. the door bell rings and Xavier answers it to find a mysterious girl who claims to be Xaviers sister!! ready set..GO!!

  1. 1

    recap in memo like always :)

  2. 2

    all of you look at her crazy very confused. "y-your my what?!" Xavier says.Cristi simes again"im your sister,i can explain everything" Xavier stares at his 'sister' trying to piece everthing together

  3. 3

    "um..why dont you come in you can have dinner with us" you say sweetly after a long silence.she looks at you and smiles looking back at xavier with pleading eyes

  4. 4

    "uh yeah please come in umm.. Cristiana right?"Xavier says "thank you. and yes my name but you can call me Cristi" she says smiling at him. Xavier nods and leads her to the kitchen leaving you & Jacob

  5. 5

    Jacob still looks shooked as his eyes foolow the siblings to the kitchen. you laugh making him snap out of his gaze and smile at you."well time to eat i guess" you say standing up but

  6. 6

    you feel something grab you. you loook down and at your hand seeing that Jacob is holding it making you blush a little. you look up at him and smile.he smiles looking deep into your eyes

  7. 7

    you can feel him pulling you closer to him never losing eye contact with him.he slowly reaches out to your other hand entwinning his fingers with yours. you were inches away from him when you realized

  8. 8

    you were inches away from him when you realized how cute he was. his blue ocen eyes complementing his blonde hair perfectly and his boyish cute smile.you see him lean locked with your eyes

  9. 9

    caught up in the moment you lean in meeting his soft lips. the kiss was soft yet passionate.he held your hands tighter pulling away. he smiles pulling a loose piece of hair behind your ear

  10. 10

    you blush looking down "ive always wanted to do that" he says softly looking down at his feet. you could tell he was blushing and giggle. he looks up at you and smiles

  11. 11

    "come on lets go eat" he says taking your hand again and leading you to the kitchen "yeah and find out this sibling mystery"u both laugh entering the room seeing Xavier and Cristi start to sit down

  12. 12

    Xavie smiles at his sister than looks at you his eyes traveling to your hand. his smile fades when he sees your holding Jacobs hand, you let go and quickly take a seat next to Cristi

  13. 13

    Jacob takes a seat next to you and start to grab some food. you follow his actions picking out the food that you like and so does Xavier and Cristi. you all eat in silence not knowing what

  14. 14

    you finsih eating at the same time as everyone else staring at Xavier and Cristi. Cristi sighs "i guess i should problem tell you now huh?" she says looking at Xavier. he smiles and slightly nods

  15. 15

    "im was born 2 years after u,i was a complete surprise to our parents.they were great people Xavier u would have loved them"she says with a smile"one day when i was 10 our mother called me by ur name"

  16. 16

    "i looked at her weird when she finally realized what she said. she mumbeled something under her breath but all i could make out was 'she looks so much like him' i gave her a crazy look asking who i

  17. 17

    "he sighed and kneled down to my level and started telling me about you"Cristi fnishes "what did she say?" Xaveir asks

  18. 18

    "she talked about hw handson=me you were and how much you looked like our father and how much she loved you and missed you. i asked where you were since you werent here with us which was a bad idea"

  19. 19

    "she started to cry and i didnt know what to do thats when dad walked in holding mom. he mustve heard everything because he started telling the story instead"

  20. 20

    he told me that he was a different family, of course i asked why. i could see tears coming to his eyes but he countinued the story. he explained to me that when they had you they were in a great war

  21. 21

    "with the dark angels, demons hve always been enemy's with them"she explains slightly disgusted"they were in danger and afraid of you getting hurt or even killed so they decided to not take

  22. 22

    "they didnt want to leave you Xavier they wanted to keep you safe" she says with a serious face. she sighs taking somethin out of her pocket and handing it to Xavier "here this really belongs to you"

  23. 23

    xavier take it from her and starts to smile "what is it" jacob asks trying to get a view. "its my parents and me when i was a baby" he says tears forming in his eyes. he holds his tears back looking

  24. 24

    Cristi smiles "after the war was over they had me. i lived with them until i was 15 when they were killed by a dark andel ive been living on my own since then. thats when i knew i had to find you"

  25. 25

    "i finally did after a year" she says smiling at him. Xavier stands up, Cristi stands up too looking at him. he smiles giving her a hug. "im glad you found me, thank you" Xavier says

  26. 26

    "no thank you" Cristi says pulling away from the hug letting a tear roll down her cheek.you smile looking over at Jacob who is also smiling "why dont you stay here you can live with us, i mean if you

  27. 27

    Cristi's face lights up "yeah i would love to! if thats ok with you guys" she says turning to you and Jacob "oh yeah she can stay" jacbo says with a smile on his face "id love to have another girl in

  28. 28

    she smiles at you "and im sure James wont mind either" Xavier says to his sister "whose James" she asks "oh hes another guy who lives here. oh crap thats right i didnt introduce you to my friends!"

  29. 29

    Cristi laughs"thats ok" she says turning towards Jacob "my name's Jacob im a werewolf" he says with the same cute smile he gave you when you kissed.you looked at him weird and notice her blush.

  30. 30

    she turns to you and smiles "im __really nice to meet you Cristi" you say with a smile "nice to meet you too _" "Jacob do you mind taking Cristi to her room i have to make a call" Xavier says

  31. 31

    Jacob nods leading her upstairs. you follow a few seconds later to go to your room. you were pretty tired and wanted to get some sleep. on your way up the stair you hear Xavier talking

  32. 32

    "hey babe" you hear him say. you roll your eyes knowing he was talking to Brenna and listen closely "listen how about you come over tomorrow i want to talk to you" you hear him say

  33. 33

    "no no i dont want to tell you over the phone i want to see you......ok goodnight babe ill see you soon...mhmm bye" you start to hear his footsteps and you run up the stairs and to your room

  34. 34

    you sigh and change into some comfortable clothes to sleep in.you wallk over to your bed and climb in when you hear a knock on your door"come in"you say. you see Xavier's head pop in and smile

  35. 35

    he smiles back at you "hey" he says walking to your bed. he sits down on the edge of your bed and starts fumbling with your sheets "i just wanted to say thanks for the support with my sister it means

  36. 36

    you smile"your welcome. its a lot to take in i would imagine" "yeah it is but im glad i know now" he says with a smile "well ill let you get some sleep goodnight" "goodnight Xavier" he walks out

  37. 37

    'i still want to know what he is going to tell Brenna tomorrow' yo think to yourself as your head hits the pillow. you fall asleep instantly into a deep sleep

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