Do you know Demi Lovato's songs?

by: Kyle_XY_Mania

******PLEASE READ********
(sp) means spelling, maybe i spelled it wrong

sorry if i made a mistake on some parts

  1. 1

    dont say that you need me and dont play these games with my mind

  2. 2

    but youre so hipnotizing(sp) you got me laughing while i sing you got me smiling in my sleep

  3. 3

    you say you wouldnt let them change your mind cause we win together fire melts the ice

  4. 4

    get back:i wanna get back to the old days when the phone would ring and...

  5. 5

    i am confident but i still have my moments baby thats just me

  6. 6

    until youre mine: until youre mine i have to find a way to fill this hole inside i cant survive with out you here....

  7. 7

    and you said we wouldnt make it but look how far weve come

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