The Beatles

The Beatles

by: TheBeatlesAreLife

Which Beatle are You? In this test, you will figure this life-long question out by an IDIOT like ME! Are you John with the sevral Dwarts? Ringo with Roses? Paul with Potatoes? George with his 100 anchor gardon? TAKE TO FIND OUT!

  1. 1

    What food do you fancy?

  2. 2

    If you had any place in the world, where would it be?

  3. 3

    Which of these qualities are most relavent to yourself?

  4. 4

    How many kids would you want?

  5. 5

    Which animals do you like most?

  6. 6

    If you had to do something, what could you do?

  7. 7

    What do you think about facial hair?

  8. 8

    How do you feel most of the time?

Created by TheBeatlesAreLife

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21, Female
Liverpuddy, Pepperland, Beetols, GB
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