Who is your Godly Parent?

Who is your Godly Parent?

by: athenagirl24

this is a reliable source for finding out who your Godly parent is, demigod. dont know if you are a demigod? take my other quiz, "Am I A Demigod?"

This is in Greek. sorry it doesn't show up!!!

Αυτή είναι μια αξιόπιστη πηγή για την εξεύρεση ποιος σας θεοσεβής μητρική εταιρεία είναι, ημίθεος. λέξη γνωρίζουμε εάν είστε ένας ημίθεος ; Λαμβάνουν το άλλο μου φά

  1. 1

    Your favorite pastime is...

  2. 2

    Your Favorite Animal Is...

  3. 3

    You most admire the Abilities of...

  4. 4

    How do You Deal with A Problem?

  5. 5

    Where is your favorite place?

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