Who would you fall for? Werewolf, demon, vampire, angel 14

by: EllieRandom

As I said in a message earlier: "Hah, sorry bout that! Believe it or not, I actually forgot I had an account on this website. :'D shot repeatedly I'm gonna make a new quiz right now, but they probably won't be coming at a specified time anymore, just at random, so keep checking! Thanks for the support! I love to feel the love!" I STILL CARE, YOU GUYS. SRSLY.

  1. 1

    Uh... hi. This is, what? My second valiant return? Yeah, sorry about that. Ha. PLZ DUN KILL ME, PLZZZ

  2. 2

    Right-o, back to the quiz! Where were we? On the roof, Jonah leaning close, heroine freaking out, right? -ahem- You watch as Jonah closes his eyes as he leans in. You take a deep breath and freeze.

  3. 3

    Jonah stops, coughing and hacking. Your eyes widen. "J-Jonah?" you squeak, reaching out to him with a quivering hand, which he shoves away, still coughing. He falls to his knees, digging around in the

  4. 4

    You frantically search the pockets of Jonah's jacket and grab onto something cylindrical. An inhaler! Jonah's asthmatic? You put one end of the inhaler at his lips and press the button. Jonah breathes

  5. 5

    Jonah sits up slowly, rubbing his hand through his nest of wavy white hair. His eyes focus on you, and he suddenly snatches the inhaler and pockets it, turning away and getting to his feet. You notice

  6. 6

    Jonah pats the trunk of the car, climbs into the driver's seat and starts the engine. He clears his throat. "Your stuff's already packed, so hop in. I'll take you home."

  7. 7

    You climb into the car, and Jonah gives you a small smile. "Wanna listen to the radio?" he asks as you back out of the parking lot and onto the busy city streets. You nod in reply and begin to fiddle

  8. 8

    With music playing, the drive seems shorter than it was on the way and you're home in no time. Jonah pulls the car into the garage and you turn the music off. You both climb out and unload the trun

  9. 9

    Nathan leads you and Jonah through the kitchen, where you say hello to Harris and Benji, and up the stairs into one of the previously empty rooms Harris had showed you. You put your stuff on the carpe

  10. 10

    Nathan shrugs and puts your stuff down. "Whatever you'd like. It's your room." He ruffles your hair and wanders away. You put your hands on your hips as Jonah puts the bags he was carrying on the floo

  11. 11

    You shuffle off to the bathroom and turn the shower on, locking the door behind you. You undress and step into the warm water, sighing. "This is heavenly!" you say. And the shower's stocked with girly

  12. 12

    You scrub up, and even sing a little. You're in that good a mood. After a good half hour in the shower, you turn it off and climb out, wrapping yourself in a fluffy towel. That's when you notice the m

  13. 13

    Shaking, you take a step closer. "'I like games'," you read quietly. "'Want to play a game?'" You take a step back and quickly unlock the door and race out into the hallway. "You guys!" you yell. "Com

  14. 14

    That's all for now of the Valiant Return, take 2! :'D Hope you all enjoyed it! Comments, ratings, all that good stuff! Unless you're still mad at me! In which case, I understand!

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