Which Wolf Is the Match for You?

Which Wolf Is the Match for You?

by: WolfMints

Which wolf is your match? This quiz is a quiz that matches you with one of my wolf characters. Your not actually their match, but... you now what I mean.

  1. 1

    Which Color?

  2. 2

    Which power would you love to have?

  3. 3

    Which singer?

  4. 4

    Favorite Food Place?

  5. 5

    Which movie do you want to see or have already seen?

  6. 6

    Which Lego movie would you die to see? (if it existed)

  7. 7

    What Vs Title is your favorite? (They don't Really Exist)

  8. 8

    Which Name seems the most interesting to you?

  9. 9

    Which store is the best in your opinion?

  10. 10

    If there's a fire, what would you do?

  11. 11

    Which temperature would you live in?

  12. 12

    Which speech do you like?

  13. 13

    How long would you like to be in a relationship?

  14. 14

    Which number would be your lucky one?

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