Which Character Are You From The Twilight Saga?

Which Character Are You From The Twilight Saga?

by: _Always_and_Forever_

Ok so there are many "what character are you..." quizzes, but i tried my best to make this one stand out from the rest, not just involving the cullens and jacob, im adding more. so please comment and rate(:

con amor,

  1. 1

    Favorite color.

  2. 2

    First thing you do when you get up

  3. 3

    Whats you favorite activity to do after school?

  4. 4

    always (or almost always) a staple in your daily outfit

  5. 5

    Favorite kind of food?

  6. 6

    if you could be an animal what would you be?

  7. 7

    a movie you would watch on a rainy day?

  8. 8

    Most romantic?

  9. 9

    Favorite subject in school?

  10. 10

    Favorite eye color?

  11. 11

    Favorite Flower?

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