The Emma Watson Quiz

The Emma Watson Quiz

by: Mione68

How well do you know Ms. Emma Watson?

  1. 1

    Lets start with the basics, when was she born?

  2. 2

    Where was she born?

  3. 3

    Emma lent her voice for the animated movie The Tale of-

  4. 4

    Emma is currently the face of which fashion brand?

  5. 5

    Has she ever had braces?

  6. 6

    Emma admires and shares a birthday with which actress?

  7. 7

    Emma is a creative adviser for which eco-fashion brand?

  8. 8

    She use to have a crush on which Harry Potter actor?

  9. 9

    When she was younger she had a huge crush on an actor, whom she met, who was this actor?

  10. 10

    Emma continues to be the face of Burberry for their Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Her brother ___ is one of the male models in the campaign.

  11. 11

    Emma is currently enrolled at which university?

  12. 12

    Her parents are both...?

  13. 13

    What BBC movie did she film in, in 2007?

  14. 14

    Which modeling agency is Emma supposedly currently signed to?

  15. 15

    Emma has stated that her favorite school subjects are...?

  16. 16

    Emma is known to be good at what sport around the Harry Potter set?

  17. 17

    Emma loves this sport and even played on the team of it, what sport is it?

  18. 18

    Emma's favorite actor is...?

  19. 19

    Emma is known to have had an obsession with what food?

  20. 20

    Emma first fell in love with the fashion brand, Rodarte, but first noticed the label by a gown worn by which celebrity?

  21. 21

    Emma has stated that if she was stuck on an island and could only have a few books to read forever, what was one of the books?

  22. 22

    We all know Emma plays the nerdy Hermione Granger but what magical power would Emma choose to have?

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