Finish/Match the Lyrics - Taylor Swift Version

Finish/Match the Lyrics - Taylor Swift Version

by: Thalia009

For this quiz, you need to match the lyircs to the song or finish add the rest of the lyrics correctly! (I know this is short and pretty easy. Good luck!)

  1. 1

    (You Belong with Me) Finish the Lyrics: You've got a smile...

  2. 2

    Match w/ the Song: I closed my eyes and the flashback started...

  3. 3

    Match w/ the Song: 'Till you open the door, there's so much more...

  4. 4

    (Love Story) Finish the Lyrics: You made your way through the crowd to say hello...

  5. 5

    (Crazier) Finish the Lyrics: Just let it flow...

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