Are you a true 90's kid?

Are you a true 90's kid?

by: princessmimi

hey pplz! if u were born in the 1990's and u were alive then, take this quiz cause it wouldn't make sense if u were born in the 2000s and u werent even alive. anyways take this quiz and comment!

  1. 1

    do you still own a vcr?

  2. 2

    when you were little, did you watch either rugrats,barney or the teletubbies?

  3. 3

    do you still listen to 90's music occasionally on ur ipod or cd player?

  4. 4

    are some of your favorite tv shows and movies from the 90's?

  5. 5

    do you believe that everything was better back then?

  6. 6

    who do you think is or was THE teen idol?

  7. 7

    which nickelodeon shows do u think are or were the best?

  8. 8

    do u still have ur pokemon cards?

  9. 9

    do you still own ur walkman or portable cd player?

  10. 10

    did you own hitclips? (the little tiny things they used 2 sell that played songs for like a minute then it was done)

  11. 11

    do you like 90's music more than today's music?

  12. 12

    is 90's stuff a guilty pleasure for you?

  13. 13

    did u ever own a pair of platform sandals?

  14. 14

    do u have any merchandise from past 90's superstars and tv shows?

  15. 15

    which 90's star (that is still popular)awesome?

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