what kind of sibling are you?

by: Gracie_13

yeah, im bored. I had created my first story but my comp. messed up so i;ll do that later! I dotn feel like doing it agian. TYeah, remember be honest. AND COMMEN T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. 1

    first of al: dio you like your sibling(s)

  2. 2

    allright. yOUR HANGING out with one of your friends. your annoying little sister walks in teh room bugging you to hang out with them

  3. 3

    your on a road trip: your sister(s) and brother(s) are all acting wild and crazy and yeilling and stuff, EVERYONES FIGHTING!

  4. 4

    your younger brother/sister wants to borrow your best shirt for their first date....

  5. 5

    you find out your older bro/sis by one year is dating your best friend....

  6. 6

    whens the alst time you actually HUNG OUT with one of your siblings?

  7. 7

    oaky:lets say you let them use the shirt( for the date) BUt h=they got a HUGE stain on it...

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