what do the cullens think of you (girls)

what do the cullens think of you (girls)

by: MollyolyolyPop

see what the Cullens and Jacob thinks of you. i tried to make there responses as realistic as possible. it's more fun that way!!

  1. 1

    if you were invited to there house how would you awnser

  2. 2

    your at a dance the day before you go to the cullens and mike stanley is about to ask you to dance you

  3. 3

    your still at that dance and jasper askes you to dance. how do you respond?

  4. 4

    you arrive at the cullen house and alice answers the door and her face lights up when she sees you. she says happily (sp?) "HI, (your name) WELCOME!! WELL DON'T JUST STAND THERE COME IN! you think...

  5. 5

    it's dinner time and your starving you say

  6. 6

    renesmee wants to sing to you you say

  7. 7

    alice want's to do your hair, you say

  8. 8

    emmet keeps making fun of the fact that your human. finally you

  9. 9

    jasper looks like he's having a hard time with your scent you

  10. 10

    when it's time to leave you say

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