Trick Questions

by: SnickersGurl

ok so bored as i made this quiz..

  1. 1

    In Ms. Franklins Class there is twenty-five people. Today they are learning about fractions. Jeff is the only one who understands it. How many F's????

  2. 2

    A farmer has 30 sheep, all but 9 die. How many sheep are left???

  3. 3

    Your the driver of a bus. U start with no ppl on the bus. U go to ur first stop and 5 ppl get on. Then 3 ppl get off, 7 ppl get on... and 1 person gets off. Wats the color of the bus drivers eyes????

  4. 4

    U have 5 fish in a fish bowl if 2 of them drown then how may do u have???

  5. 5

    A black man is dressed in all black..I mean everything! He is walking down a black road. A black car without headlights on starts driving towards the man. But the car manages to stop right before...

  6. 6

    You only have a match when you enter a dark and cold room. You come across an oil lamp, an oil heater, and a candle. Which do you light first?

  7. 7

    Wat is 1+1???

  8. 8

    You're 3rd place right now in a race. What place are you in when you pass the person in 2nd place?

  9. 9

    John has 3 younger sisters April, June, and July. Which sibling is the oldest?

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