what type of boyfriend or girlfriend r u

by: alexisdatsmyname

figure out what bf/gf u r ad commet plz bi

  1. 1

    your bf/gf just got home from school and wants to hang out with u but ur just to tired what do u end up doing?

  2. 2

    ur on ur first date with ur bf/gf where are you at????

  3. 3

    u c ur x with another guy/girl and relize ur x got really hot since the last time u saw her what do u do

  4. 4

    have u cheated on the 1 ur seeing???

  5. 5

    did you lyk this quiz???

  6. 6

    did u gt in bed with ur parterer yet????

  7. 7

    so are you a vergine

  8. 8

    did u at least kiss ur girl/boy?>

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