Modern Music Quiz

by: slamdunk67

This is a Mostly Modern Alternative Quiz with some Pop

  1. 1

    Sum 41 got the name from...

  2. 2

    Billy Talent got its name from

  3. 3

    Which of these songs is not by Inward eye

  4. 4

    Blame it is by Jamie Foxx ft.

  5. 5

    Which is the Oldest band here

  6. 6

    Who was rumored to assault (but did not)

  7. 7

    Jonas Brothers are disliked by (I did a survey and this was what i got)

  8. 8

    Ocean Avenue was written and performed by

  9. 9

    Is it true that Given up by Linkin Park was stolen?

  10. 10

    Last Question: Who does Dr.Dre Produce

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