What do the harry potter Characters think of you? ( girls only fools)

by: Make_A_Scene

so uploading pics takes up time so i didnt do it sowwi
anyway hope u like it if u dont tell me cuz ill make a new one
btw u get 8 personalitys with sorting hat

Sexy and scary slytherin
Smooth but shy slytherin

Cute but shy hufflepuff
scary and ugly huffelpuff

Smart and Brave Gryffindor
Sexy and brave gryffindor

Strong and HAWT ravenclaw
flirty but nice Ravenclaw

the ppl are

Harry, ron, hermione, Draco, fred ,george

  1. 1

    Whose wand would best fit you

  2. 2

    u new this was comin pick ur fav HP character

  3. 3

    Whats ur fav color * so predictable*

  4. 4

    last question. pick one guy u would date from hogwarts

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