What Color Is Your Soul?

What Color Is Your Soul?

by: moonlight666

Lets see what is the color of your soul

  1. 1

    Your order a burger and request that it come without mustard. You take your first bite and discover that not only did they put mustard on your burger, they put a LOT of mustard on it. You:

  2. 2

    You are in your car on your way to the beach when you see another car pulled over with their hood raised. It is an old car, and you know they probably can't afford a tow truck or even to repair the ca

  3. 3

    You are supposed to meet a friend at a local club, but your friend stands you up. You try reaching them on your cell phone, to no avail. You:

  4. 4

    You have a crush on someone and finally work up the nerve to ask them out. The object of your affection tells you that he/she likes you as a friend, but is not interested in you in that way. You:

  5. 5

    So....What color do you like most?

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