is she yours? (guy pplz only or lez)add me next one comin on tuesday

is she yours? (guy pplz only or lez)add me next one comin on tuesday

by: carolinee

i've made a forever twilight series for guys and gurls but this one is for guys only nd lezzies this quiz is about a guy or gurl (you) who falls in luv with the new neighbor tht moves in from new york to the street across to your house.but while you fall in love stuff starts to happen nd it feels lyke ur going 2 lose her afraid tht might happen you follow her to make sure she's safe there r 2 gurls 2 chose from but first u have 2 answer some questions:) plz do tell me in comments who you get:P

  1. 1

    do you like a gurl who can take care of herself or would you rather take care of her?

  2. 2

    which do you like better a gurl who can fight or a gurl who can defend herself?

  3. 3

    do you like a slutty gurl or a smart gurl?

  4. 4

    do you like size b or c on a gurl?

  5. 5

    do you luv a woman who can cook or clean better?

  6. 6

    do you like black haired gurls or light blonde better?

  7. 7

    do you like having someone 2 cuddle wiht or roughhouse with?

  8. 8

    do you like pretty faces or personality's better?

  9. 9

    do you like a gurl who squeals at bugs or a gurl who picks them up?

  10. 10

    final question:are blondes better than brunettes?

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