Endocrine system organs

Endocrine system organs

by: Voidable

A relatively long and mind boggling quiz about the organs of the endocrine system.

  1. 1

    The _______, or pituitary gland, is also known as the master gland.

  2. 2

    The __ controls the activities of the adenohypophysis ( also known as the anterior pituitary).

  3. 3

    The following is not a tropic hormone (hormone that has a stimulating effect on other endocrine glands)

  4. 4

    The neurohypophysis, or posterior pituitary serves as a storage and release site for:

  5. 5

    Triggered by nervous stimulation, oxytocin :

  6. 6

    The pineal gland:

  7. 7

    The thyroid hormone does not secrete:

  8. 8

    Calcitonin works to:

  9. 9

    The following is not one of the 3 layers of secreting cells exist in the adrenal cortex:

  10. 10

    Aldosterone in mineralocorticoids do not:

  11. 11


  12. 12

    _ cells in pancreatic islets in the endocrine portion of the pancreas secrete glucagon, increase blood glucose levels and stimulate gluconeogenesis.

  13. 13

    The ____ produces testosterone responsible for growth and maintenance of male se-xual characteristics and is regulated by gonadotropins

  14. 14

    The ovaries:

  15. 15

    Thymosin and thymopoietin, which stimulate the development of T cells, are found in the:

  16. 16

    ___ , secretin and cholecystokinin in the gastric and intestinal mucosa are required for digestion:

  17. 17

    __ stimulates the hypothalamus to boost appetite and slows metabolism and fat burning

  18. 18

    ANH produced by the heart functions to:

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