Finish lyrics to some of the very best bealtes songs

by: hick78

try to do these lyrics from some of the Beatles most popular songs including, With a Little Help from My Friends, A Day In The Life, Help!, Let It Be, Strawberry Fields Forever, Hello Goodbye, Hey Jude, Cant Buy Me Love, Lady Madonna, A Hard Days Night, and The End so in all there is 11, this quiz is easy if you know your stuff good luck :) (btw i am a huge Beatles fan so remember to comment)

  1. 1

    What would you do if i sang out of tune...

  2. 2

    I read the news today oh boy...

  3. 3

    When i was younger so much younger than today...

  4. 4

    When i find myself in times of trouble...

  5. 5

    Nothing is real

  6. 6

    You say goodbye and i say

  7. 7

    Hey jude dont make it bad

  8. 8

    Il buy you a diamond ring my friend if it makes you feel alright

  9. 9

    Lady madonna children at your feet

  10. 10

    Its been a hard days night

  11. 11

    oh yeah, alright

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