Wednesday 13 Songs

Wednesday 13 Songs

by: F_ck_off

How well do you know Wednesday 13?

  1. 1

    your so perfect honest trusting and nice yeah right well the best thing that ever happend to me is when you walked outta my life knife in the back thanks for the memories

  2. 2

    quick to point the fingers saying whoes at fault that rock and roll and movies operate our thoughts the only reason we do what we do is to shove it down the throats of Pr!cks like you

  3. 3

    I've got no reason left to live and a hundred to die

  4. 4

    its friday and everything is great and my stupid friends got a dumb idea gonna go down to the lake and we dont care bout the storys we heard

  5. 5

    digging a grave while wearing a skirt asking for trouble gonna get myself hurt but its fine you're gonna be mine

  6. 6

    open your eyes sweet mary jane take a look aroung your miles away form anyone and no one can hear a sound

  7. 7

    You know hes good hes bad he loves it when your sad he loves to rock out with his c@ck hanging out

  8. 8

    your a waste of air in a waste of space i want sharp objects to fly into your face i hate you now more then i ever did

  9. 9

    bang my head against the wall if it wasn't for the blood i wouldn't know it at all

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