yet another 'trink question' quiz!

by: elliebell

i know most of these questions/ similar ones (if not all!) are in many other quizzes like this, but are they really trink questions? hint, try reading each question carefully if you don't already know the answer!

good luck!

  1. 1

    A plane crashes on the border between France and Germany, which country do they bury the survivors?

  2. 2

    A cockeral lays an egg on the roof, which way does it roll?

  3. 3

    I live in a one story house and all the carpets are blue, coz i love blue, what colour is the carpet on the stairs?

  4. 4

    What is a green house made of?

  5. 5

    A farmer has 12 sheep. All but 3 die. How many do not die?

  6. 6

    the glass on a phone box is broken, the phone is off the hook,there is a fishing line outside and a man is lying dead inside with blood everywhere. How did he die?

  7. 7

    last one, you are driving a bus, six peopel get on, five more get off, thre men and a dog et on and ten more get off. what colour are the bus drivers eyes?

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