ULTIMATE NEW MOON QUIZ!!!!!! (very hard!!!)

by: bananaloves2swim

i want to see how much you know new moon!!! it would help if you had the book cuz it is very hard!!! good luck!!!

  1. 1

    On exactly wat pg does edwrd tell bella that he is leaving???

  2. 2

    how many months pass from the time edward tells bella hes leaving to charlie teeling bella that hes tired of her sulking around?????

  3. 3

    what is the last word on pg 13???

  4. 4

    what is the name of chapter #17???

  5. 5

    who says this: "I believe that ..... we have a date..."

  6. 6

    what chapter is verdict???

  7. 7

    what is the first sentence on chapter 10???

  8. 8

    last one!!! its easy: do youwant me to make more quizes like this????? there is no right or wrong answer so ignore the results for this question..

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