Just Try and Pass My Twilight Quiz(Warning, VERY long)

by: My_Men_Have_Sparkely_Fur

Think you know the Twilight Saga? Not like this, expect the unexpected.

  1. 1

    While Bella was trying to hear Edward bring her truck back, what was she trying to concentrate on at the same time?(Twilight)

  2. 2

    What was Bella dared to do as a child?(Twilight)

  3. 3

    What was Bella's excuse for being, as Charlie called it, "...cheerful this morning,"?(Twilight)

  4. 4

    Where and When was Carlise born?(Twilight)

  5. 5

    What type of bag did Alice have for Bella to put her letter on?(Twilight)

  6. 6

    Who said this, "Yes, you are the reason. The reason I'm here---alive"?(Twilight)

  7. 7

    What was Bella's excuse for leaving the zombie movie early?(New Moon)

  8. 8

    How old was jacon when he and Bella finished their ...erm... age fight?(New Moon)

  9. 9

    What was the first thing that Bella noticed when she saw Jacob again after so long?(New Moon)

  10. 10

    Who said this,"What? Its just a fact."?(New Moon)

  11. 11

    What was the eighteenth chapter in New Moon called?

  12. 12

    Why did Bella not say anything when Edward told her that one of the reasons to be happy, was that they were together?(New Moon)

  13. 13

    What did Bella describe what she thought she would see as Charlie when she cam home?(New Moon)

  14. 14

    What did Charlie say when Edward told him about the plane tickets Esme and Carlise gave them?(Eclipse)

  15. 15

    What did Angela say when Bella mentioned Jacob while they were doing the invitations(Eclipse)

  16. 16

    Why was Bella jealous of Jacob's and Billy's family relationship?(Eclipse)

  17. 17

    What did Edward call the short term truce between him and Jacob?(Eclipse)

  18. 18

    What did Bella say was a good thing about Edward when she deided to tell Charlie about their engagement?(Eclipse)

  19. 19

    What was the first word in the begining of Breaking Dawn?(the actualr book, not the copyright page)

  20. 20

    Why was Bella angry at Edward in the morning after they ...arrived?(Breaking Dawn)

  21. 21

    Do you want this quiz to stop?

  22. 22

    Last question, what was the last sentence in Breaking Dawn?

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