"Breaking Dawn" Quotes Hard!

by: Birdi

Do you think you know "Breaking Dawn"? See if you can figure out who said these quotes.

  1. 1

    Who said, "It's a killer, Bella. Look at youself."

  2. 2

    Who said, "Focus,Bella- we're on a hunting trip."

  3. 3

    Who said, "You look good. Immortality suits you."

  4. 4

    Who said, "This won't be the first time I've fought to keep myself from a king's rule. Here's to freedom of the oppression."

  5. 5

    Who said,"Were there any other casualties?"

  6. 6

    Who said,"You avilable this Friday, Jacob?"

  7. 7

    Who said, "I'd like to beat you dead."

  8. 8

    Who said, "Let the child show you. Show him, mi querida."

  9. 9

    Who said, "You're pregnant! You're pregnant, aren't you?"

  10. 10

    Who said, "We consider ourselves Carlisle's extended family, and i am sorry about the, er, recent incident when we did not behave as such."

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