Do u kno the lyrics awesome songs only

by: xxXxxBlackxHeartsxxXxx

read the title not 2 hard

  1. 1

    All Time Low- Six Feet Under The Stars/ we can kick it here for hours and just mouth off about the world...

  2. 2

    All Time Low- Last Flight Home/ now the runway lights are fading, with the darkness overtaking

  3. 3

    All Time Low- The Girls A Straight Up Hustler/ kisses under starry night skies, talked about in song, we play along

  4. 4

    Green Day- American Idiot/ i don't wanna be an american idiot, one nation controlled by the media, information age of hysteria

  5. 5

    Green Day- Time Of Your Life/ it's something unpredictable but in the end it's right

  6. 6

    Green Day- Words I Might Have Ate/ like sitting on blacktops on the school grounds

  7. 7

    Plain White T's- Hey There Delilah/ hey there delilah i know times are getting hard but just believe girl

  8. 8

    Plain White T's- Our Time Now/ oh oh oh oh this a dance for all the lovers

  9. 9

    Plain White T's- A Lonely September/ and i didn't mean to fall in love but i did

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