are you pretty in guys eyes ? take this fairly accurate quiz to find out now !!

by: xKimmeh

time to find out.


remember your the only one to know the results, why not make them honest ?

  1. 1

    how many guys asked you out this school year ?

  2. 2

    wear any make-up, nail polish (etc.)

  3. 3

    anyone besides your family and friends that are girls compliment your looks lately?

  4. 4

    so how was school grade wise ?

  5. 5

    stand up and look down and make the biggest stomach you can. what do you see ?

  6. 6

    lets talk eyebrows. what do yours look like ?

  7. 7

    what does your hair style when down ? (short hair counts as not passed the shoulders)

  8. 8

    body type ?

  9. 9

    which one of these is closest to your head shape ? (first instinct please !)

  10. 10

    have you been told you have really pretty natural hair color (put in hightlights do NOT count people)

  11. 11

    have you ever been told you have really pretty eyes ?

  12. 12

    how are your lips looking ?

  13. 13

    what color do you think goes best with royal blue other than white ?

  14. 14

    would you ever dye your hair ?

  15. 15

    do YOU like the way you look ?

  16. 16

    are mostly boys your friends ?

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