Hard riddles/trick questions

by: TerenceK

can you solve these riddles? btw this is my first quiz. can anyone do this without guess at all?

  1. 1

    there are 10 apples and you take away 7 how many do you have?

  2. 2

    what happened to the yellow hat that fell in the red sea? (Please only select the third one if you are 100% sure your right)

  3. 3

    a boy digs a hole, the diameter is 3 ft while the hole is 5 ft deep, how cubic INches of dirt are in the hole?

  4. 4

    is there a fourth of july in england?

  5. 5

    what's the next three letters in this sequence? owhuvxsiinee ( if you guessed on this one then say so in the comments i wanna see if anyone get this without guessing!!)

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