Are You the Sun or the Moon?

Are You the Sun or the Moon?

by: CommLavee

A personality quiz that determines if you're the Sun or the Moon. Kinda fun, I'd say! :D

  1. 1

    What pair of personality traits describe you more?

  2. 2

    Out of these two groups of colors, which do you like better?

  3. 3

    Do you like the day or the night?

  4. 4

    You find yourself to be...

  5. 5

    You like the sound of...

  6. 6

    What's your kind of star?

  7. 7

    Your zodiac sign is closer to the date of a...

  8. 8

    Flowers or fireflies?

  9. 9

    You were born in the...

  10. 10

    If you were a type of flying animal, you would rather be a...

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