Call Yourself A CSI Fan ?      (:

Call Yourself A CSI Fan ? (:

by: hollieyy_x

If you reckon you're a csi fan, then take this quiz (: it's all gooood x33

  1. 1

    CSI: Las Vegas - teamed up with which other show to solve a case ?

  2. 2

    CSI:LV - Gil Grissom proposed to Sarah, but how did he propose ?

  3. 3

    CSI: Miami - Ryan Wolfe has always had a problem with the media, but which of these people always seemed to get in his way with a camera and a news team ?

  4. 4

    CSI: NY - Mac Taylor was confronted by mysterious phone calls, but what time did they always call ?

  5. 5

    CSI: Miami - Ryan lost his job for a short time, but where did he work during that time ?

  6. 6

    Which legondary band are all of the CSI theme songs by ?

  7. 7

    CSI: NY - Which agent was working with Danny Messer before Lindsay Monroe ?

  8. 8

    CSI: NY - Which pop singer appeared in an episode as a shop lifter ?

  9. 9

    CSI: LV - Who was buried alive ?

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