Which Gossip Girl Are You ??

Which Gossip Girl Are You ??

by: GossipGirlxoxox

Which Gossip Girl Are Youu ??
Blair Jenny Serena =]

  1. 1

    Your on A Date Withh Your New Boyfreind What Do Your Order Off The Menu ??

  2. 2

    Your Going To A Party With All Your Friends & Your Crush Is Going To Be There What Are You Wearing ??

  3. 3

    You Just Found Out Your Best Friend Had Slept With Your Boyfreind What Do You Do ??

  4. 4

    What Would You Consider Your PERFECT Date ??

  5. 5

    Your Friend Has Invited You Too A Pool Party At School Do You Goo ??

  6. 6

    Your Out Getting Some Milk When You See Your Best Friends Boyfreind With Another Girl What Do You Do ??

  7. 7

    Good Quiz ??

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