Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight"

Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight"

by: Edwardz_Rose

Take this quiz to see how well you know the first book (Twilight) in the Twilight saga!!!

  1. 1

    At The Beginning Of "Twilight" How Does Bella Describe The Town Of Forks?

  2. 2

    Where Did Bella First See Edward?

  3. 3

    What Does Bella Despise Even More Than Rain?

  4. 4

    What Vehicle Was Tyler Driving When Edward Rescued Bella From Being Hit By It?

  5. 5

    Which Two Vegetarian Vampires Are NOT Cullens?

  6. 6

    Instead Of Going To The Spring Dance, Where Did Bella Plan On Going?

  7. 7

    When Mike Told Bella He Had To Think About Accepting Jessica's Invite To The Spring Dance, How Did She Respond?

  8. 8

    What Color Eyes Does Bella Like Best On Edward?

  9. 9

    Why Did Bella Think Edward Was Interested In Her?

  10. 10

    What Did Jacob Call Vampires?

  11. 11

    Once, Edward Left A Note On The Seat Of Bella's Truck; What Did It Say?

  12. 12

    In Chapter "Confessions", Edward Says - Once Again - How He Should Leave Bella For Her Safety; She Doesn't Want Him To. How Does He Respond?

  13. 13

    In Edward's Food Analogy To How He Felt Towards Bella, What Did She Suggest?

  14. 14

    {Skip To The End.} At The Prom, Jacob Asked If He Could Cut In To Dance With Bella; How Did Edward React?

  15. 15

    While Dancing, Edward Spun Them Outside Under The Shadow Of Mandrone Trees. The Very Last Thing Done In The Book Is Edward Kissing Bella. How Does He Kiss Her?

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