Could You Be America's Next Top Model?

Could You Be America's Next Top Model?

by: TwiLIGHTmeansLove

"You Wanna Be On Top?" Take this quiz and see if you have what it takes to become "America's Next Top Model."

  1. 1

    What's your normal attitude?

  2. 2

    You wake up one morning and find that you're having a major bad hair day! And you only have 20 minutes to fix it. You...

  3. 3

    Story: You are a fashion model. You're in your dressing room before your big show in Paris. You realize you're on in 2 minutes! You run quickly to backstage and your dress rips at the top! You...

  4. 4

    Story: You are a fashion model. One morning your agent calls up and says that the dinner party you were invited to was cancelled. You think...

  5. 5

    What do you on your day off?

  6. 6

    Story: You are late for your photo shoot. Once you are ready for your roll, you notice that the photographer is giving you evil eyes. You...

  7. 7

    Story: Your makeup artist called. She says that she can't make tonight. You...

  8. 8

    Why are you taking this quiz?

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