How good a match do u make weth Joey?

by: graybeans

haha~! hey, im joey an i ded this 'acause i thought it wud be fun to make a bf/gf aplication. {im bi} ♥

  1. 1

    do u love god?

  2. 2

    do u value privacy? liek keeping secrets, giving people space, not physical.

  3. 3

    wud u rathr not wear anything? {X//D blush in an innocent way!}

  4. 4

    are u sensitive to others feelings?

  5. 5

    are u always trying to become a better person?

  6. 6

    do u always try to be optomistic, even if u dunt feel veri optomistic?

  7. 7

    do u like to give and recieve physical affection?

  8. 8

    do u mind affection shown to u in public?

  9. 9

    are u open to trying new things, and love new experiances?

  10. 10

    do u tend to have lazy tendencies?

  11. 11

    do u want to get wet in the rain just for the fun of it?

  12. 12

    do u play with ur food and make weird combinations?

  13. 13

    do u treat everee one equaly no matter what they look liek or aneything?

  14. 14

    should ur lover be ur best friend?

  15. 15

    do u tend to be veri emotional?

  16. 16

    do u find that u cen be veri needy?

  17. 17

    are u trusting when in a relationship?

  18. 18

    are u agressive/passionate?

  19. 19

    have u ever wanted to feel someones pain for them?

  20. 20

    do u love to learn?

  21. 21

    do u love animals?

  22. 22

    do u want a dog?

  23. 23

    do u believe to truely love someone, is to continue to love them at their worst?

  24. 24

    do u belive in revenge?

  25. 25

    love, money, or power?

  26. 26

    true or false for u: chemistry can be for many, but true love is just between two people

  27. 27

    do u smoke?

  28. 28

    do u liek rollar coasters?

  29. 29

    do u liek to travel?

  30. 30

    wud u ever want to live in another country?, or part of this country?

  31. 31

    are u interested in art?

  32. 32

    do u enjoy physical activitys soemtimes?

  33. 33

    do u liek porn a loot?

  34. 34

    do u liek to flert?

  35. 35

    do u like people who goof around and are silly?

  36. 36

    does it hurt worse to have ur own heart broken, or to break someone elses heart?

  37. 37

    do u love everyone/have a genuine care for all mankind?

  38. 38

    do u like all kinds of music?

  39. 39

    do u like to be in charge of the relationship?

  40. 40

    giving hugs, or reciving?

  41. 41

    do u want an affectionate lover?

  42. 42

    do u want, and would u enjoy, a kinky lover?

  43. 43

    do u mind if ur lover is a bit stupid

  44. 44

    do u like poetry to be written to u?

  45. 45

    do people describe u as sweet?

  46. 46

    do u mind if ur lover is a bit bashful?

  47. 47

    do u mind if ur lovr is sorta weak?

  48. 48

    are u older than 18?

  49. 49

    do u liek younger boys?

  50. 50

    do u mind telling ur lover what to do? playful or agressively?

  51. 51

    do u like candy a lot, a lot?

  52. 52

    chicken or steak?

  53. 53

    puppy or kitten?

  54. 54

    up or down? {jk}

  55. 55

    do u mind if ur lover goes from anoyingly horny, to almost asexual in phases?

  56. 56

    do u like dating a guy who is bisexual?

  57. 57

    do u mind ur lover being guilible and slow?

  58. 58

    can u keep a procrastinating, late, forgetful, day dreaming, spacy boyfriend in line?

  59. 59

    do u want ur lover to share their probs weth u, and do u want to help them?

  60. 60

    do u tend to give people too many chances

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