How Much Of a Polls & Surveys Regular are you?

by: graybeans

Find out how much of a Polls & Surveys regular you are!!

  1. 1

    do u know what P&S means?

  2. 2

    has another usar asked a question about you?

  3. 3

    have u asked a question about another user?

  4. 4

    have u asked/answered a question about P&S not being the same anymore

  5. 5

    u've recieved hatemail

  6. 6

    u've reciceved random mail

  7. 7

    u've had a stalker

  8. 8

    a troll has anwered ur question

  9. 9

    u remeber "man"

  10. 10

    u know who judas rabbi is

  11. 11

    u've seen judas rabbi give a more than 3 word answer.

  12. 12

    this makes sense to u "kfc bowl"

  13. 13

    u've answered the "coke or pepsi" question on more than one acassion

  14. 14

    a family member/friend has complained about how much time u spend on answers

  15. 15

    u have lost sleep on answers

  16. 16

    you have spent the whole night on answers

  17. 17

    u think about what to ask when ur not on answers

  18. 18

    when u go online u imedialty go to yahoo answers

  19. 19

    u've been told ur spelling is bad

  20. 20

    u want to hit sandstorm over the head or u love him

  21. 21

    u've been disterbed by an inaproproet avatar

  22. 22

    u've gone on answers at work/school

  23. 23

    u didnt go on for a few days and answers users started to think u died

  24. 24

    u've gotten more than one violation notice in a day

  25. 25

    u've been reported by a troll

  26. 26

    u have more than 1,000 visitars on ur 360

  27. 27

    uve fallen for answering a question that sounded sexual by the title, but really wasnt

  28. 28

    uve had a crush on a P&S user

  29. 29

    R&S sends shivers down ur spine

  30. 30

    u had a date/didn't have a date to the P&S prom

  31. 31

    pirate week on P&S was fun

  32. 32

    have u spiced ur avatar up for a holiday

  33. 33

    u've been suspended

  34. 34

    u'v e answered one of kelly bundys questions

  35. 35

    u reconize more than one user asking questions at any time

  36. 36

    u have fans

  37. 37

    u still havent got ur yahoo! mug in the mail

  38. 38

    u remember when yahoo! kidnapped our avatars

  39. 39

    u've wondered why grey avatrs dont get an avatar

  40. 40

    u've asked/answered a question complaining about how yahoo shud warn u before telling u, u cant answer any more questions today

  41. 41

    u've seen someone actually try to ask a real poll or survey here

  42. 42

    u remember the scary "23" add

  43. 43

    u've procrastinating on doing soemthing, and instead went on P&S

  44. 44

    ur friends with a P&S celebrity

  45. 45

    u know of two P&S users who are "going out"

  46. 46

    ur another users fan

  47. 47

    u've seen a question that was in all caps

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